About Me

A Short Bio

Karen Limbert Rempel

Karen was born and raised on the Canadian prairies. She studied genetics, molecular biology and physiology at the University of Manitoba, graduating with her Master of Science in 1999. Through most of the next two decades, Karen worked in academia, moving through positions as a research associate and lab manager to project and program management in research and health care. Drawing on her extensive and varied experience, she is now settling into a new life as a freelance science editor and language enthusiast. Her mission is to help scientists communicate clearly to a wide audience that includes policy makers and the lay public.

Karen credits her interest in science and nature to her maternal grandparents. As biologists and naturalists, they always encouraged her to observe the world and ask questions about it. When not wordsmithing, Karen sings and plays bass for Plain Salt, a Celtic-inspired folk band, and enjoys the outdoors, especially the woods and water, whenever she can.

Karen lives with her family, including four cats and a crazy dog, near Winnipeg, Manitoba.

My Mission

slide on microscope stageAs a Manitoba-based science editor, I offer English language and editing support for students in health and life sciences whose first language is not English. Importantly, this means I also offer time-saving help for principal investigators, by working with their students to produce high quality drafts for supervisors and graduate committees to review. Whether the draft is a manuscript for publication, a presentation, an abstract, a report, or a thesis, I am here to help!

Here are some unique and important things I bring to the table:

Personal relationship

cappuccino with cat face decorationI love coffee and I love one on one conversation. I would love to get to know you and your story. What brought you to Manitoba, to wherever you are at this moment in your life? Whatever you are willing to share will allow me to help you express yourself clearly.


lab tech with centrifugeBefore venturing into freelance business last year, I spent over two decades in academia. I studied genetics, molecular biology and cellular physiology at the University of Manitoba. I love everything about DNA and I am passionate about the scientific method. Finally, I understand and have lived the pressures of graduate school, the lab, and the research funding environment. This means I have written grants and papers and abstracts, presented posters at conferences, given lectures and seminars, and prepared power point presentations. The bottom line is: I feel your pain!

Appreciation of English as a foreign language

globe showing central and eastern North AmericaAfter high school, I spent a year in Argentina as an exchange student, and learned Spanish entirely by immersion. Through the exchange program, I befriended dozens of fellow exchange students who were experiencing immersion in English here in Manitoba. Later, in my graduate studies and work in research, I met and worked alongside many more foreign students. These experiences have really helped me appreciate the extra challenges in communicating science when your first language is not English.

Wide interests

light bulb with idea bubblesI love learning – about myself, about you, about everything. Your application of the scientific method holds potential to change the world for the better. Because I see the universe from the point of view that absolutely nothing exists in isolation, I will give you big-picture perspective on your work. Then, we can balance the philosophical with the pragmatic, keep it focused, and get things done.

An Introductory Offer

Intrigued by the possibilities? Contact meto send me an abstract (300 words or less) you’d like me to review, free of charge. We can meet to discuss over coffee (my treat!), and talk more about how I can help you with your editing needs.

See more about the services I can offer, and read about what others have had to say about my work here.

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