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My About Me page mentions some of the amazing people and organizations I have had the pleasure of working with. It’s always nice to hear you’ve done a good job for someone. My very favourite thing is receiving an email with “I GOT IT!!!” in the subject line, referring to a successful funding application. Here are some sweet things clients have had to say:

I really appreciate your professionalism, competence, and efficiency.

Thanks for the really exciting meeting today. It was so cool to watch a master work, Karen!

We got the grant!! Thank you x1 million for all your support.

Thank you for everything you do, Karen, it’s basically invaluable.

My Dear Karen, I am speechless of your help and care. Thank you by heart.

It’s been great working with you; we’ve been very impressed with your work, effort and professionalism.

Your contributions have been outstanding. I am very happy to have been connected with a person who couples organizational skills with great prose.

I was just informed that our operating grant was successful. OMG Karen, could you believe that? I just want to thank you again for hanging in there with me. I always knew you were the perfect coach, edging me on to cross the finish line when I thought it was impossible. 

I am so glad I reached out to you and relinquished some control (not so easy for me). I really appreciate your help on this – the structure and flow has improved immensely

[From a journal reviewer]: In this revised manuscript [Karen has] done an impressive job of addressing each of my previously expressed concerns in a clear and concise manner.

Karen has excellent writing ability and is able to synthesize complex information into an understandable format.

Karen is an asset to moving projects forward – she has capacity to be that extra set of eyes that can get past a perceived hurdle. She does this because she listens, and then takes appropriate initiative to guide you forward in a manner that you perhaps had not realized was the best way to go.

Karen is brilliant at learning everything about a project and then pulling together people, ideas, analysis, and images to reach the project goals. She communicates with diamond clarity, precision, and warmth.

Karen is a scientist with extraordinary linguistic competence. Her contribution to my thesis had a remarkable impact on the readability and flow of the script. I would highly recommend her.

I hired Karen to help me climb out from under a backlog of accepted articles that had been typeset but not proofread. She did a great job: she asked the right questions, followed (and improved) our style guide, and cared passionately about style issues in a way that made me confident she was doing a careful, meticulous job.  She worked hard, met deadlines, and always maintained an open, friendly, professional relationship. I’m so glad I found her.

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