Services Price List

How to use this table

Any time a person seeks a service of any kind, they wonder – and ask – how much it will cost. There are good reasons for this, and there are good reasons why people like me have trouble answering that.

It all comes down to the intersection between time and money. How long with something take, and what is that time worth to me, the Editor, and to you, the Client?

To answer that, we need to know each other just a little. This is why my introductory offer is essential and so helpful. If you send me a short sample of your writing, I will mark it up and send it back, and you can decide whether my time is worth the cost to you. 

Assuming we get that far, the table below then lays the foundation for me to give you an estimate (also at no charge). The estimate will lay out in detail the terms of our Agreement, including the type of service, the time allotted, and the fee. The estimate represents the maximum I will bill you for without further negotiation and agreement. 

Still interested? Have a look, then, and see. All prices are in Canadian funds and do not include GST. 

Type of ServicePages per hourPrice per hour
Price per hour (student)
Writing1-2$75.00 – 
Structural Editing
1-2$75.00 – 
Stylistic Editing
Copy Editing4-6$60.00$40.00
Rush (hourly premium)n/a$75.00$50.00
  • Type of service: these are defined more clearly on my home page. A rush job is defined by a 24- to 48-hour turnaround, and is negotiable for projects up to 10 hours in length. 
  • Pages per hour: this is a rough estimate based on prior experience. Individual projects will be assessed based on the writing sample provided. 
  • Price per hour: provided for regular clients and for students. Note that the student rate does not apply to writing or structural editing. I might coach you through those processes, but beyond that, well… we might both get in trouble. 

Still not convinced? Have a look at my Endorsements page to hear what clients and colleagues have had to say about what I can do. Otherwise, send me your writing sample and let’s talk!